Sparks Dance Arena logo.

A heartbeat of the Psytrance Community in Bergen

Sparks Dance Arena is not just a night club; it's a pulsating dance floor at the core of the psytrance scene, a beacon for those who live and breathe the exhilarating world of psychedelic trance. Here, within the vibrant embrace of our community, we come together to celebrate more than just music; we celebrate life, dance, love, and the freedom that comes with each beat.

At Sparks Dance Arena, we don't just love to dance; we live for it. Each event we host is a celebration of the vibrant, unbreakable spirit of our community. We come together to revel in the magic of psytrance, letting the music guide us to new heights of joy and connection. Here, in the throbbing heart of the night, we find freedom. Freedom to express, to connect, to belong.